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6PM @ Hero Digital

150 Spear Street, #Suite 600

San Francisco, CA 94105

Ensuring that all women of all races, sexual orientations, ages, stages and backgrounds are empowered and have a seat at the table is crucial. Let’s be honest - we’ve come a long way, but there is still a lot of work to do. Let’s talk about the current state of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and identify the most important ways we can motivate change for the future.


First 30 Minutes: Mix & Mingle

First 1/2 Hour: Diversity & Inclusion

Last Hour: Ask & Give Exchange & Networking


Tyne Johnson: Founder of The Black Bay Area social media platform & Technical Sourcer


Mari Kemp: Global HR Executive & Consultant


Your digital talent makes you one of the most powerful women on the planet. Together, we join to share our knowledge, to inspire each other, and to be empowered by that strength. Our mission is to connect women in digital through engaging and educational events, and to enable them with the confidence and tools necessary to exchange their power.

See You There!

Make new connections and get the support you need to take your career to the next level.  RSVP now!


Mari Kemp - Corporate Culture Consultant

Empowering For Impact: Mentorship Edition

Hosted By: Zynga

Join top Bay Area tech companies to discuss the importance of mentorship and the many outlets in which this can be found. As we continue to navigate through our careers, the need for trusted sponsors can often be overlooked as an outlet for support. This event will not only highlight the many types of mentorship you may experience throughout your life, but also allow you to begin a relationship with one of the many leaders speaking on the panel during the mentor breakout session of the evening.

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Creating A Better Work Environment For Women

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Woke@Work - Black Excellence with Radical Authenticity

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Improving Culture To Drive Profit

Join Accenture, Alaska Airlines, NBC Bay Area, and EmpowerUp Work at #Empowerup, an engaging afternoon conference focused on empowering women across a range of professional settings--large corporations, start-ups or venture capital firms.


Come hear inspirational stories of passion, commitment and action while gaining practical and insights to effectively advocate for and advance change in your company’s culture.

Hosted By: Accenture & EmpowerUp

Hosted By: African American Employee Network & Onyx Community Connection

Learn how to thrive professionally while being true to ones-self.  We're providing a safe space for participants to gain inspiration and strategies from an experienced panel that has shown the courage to express themselves throughout their career. 

Topics: respectability politics in the workplace, personal branding, workplace toxicity, managing job stress, mental health, speaking ones’ truth and the role of employee resource groups.

Hosted By: Globant &

Talent Karma

You're invited to take part in a deep dive conversation to explore best practices and predictable pitfalls in designing a healthy and inclusive work culture. 


With an emphasis on the power of inclusivity, community, and embracing our differences, this event will provide inspiration, practical advice and a vital sense of community for culture-forward companies of varying stages.

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