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Professional Bio


Mari Kemp is a dynamic and accomplished Chief People Officer with over 20 years of experience revolutionizing organizational dynamics through her expertise in people culture. Her passion lies in crafting and nurturing environments where individuals thrive, resulting in enhanced productivity, engagement, and overall success. With an unwavering commitment to fostering inclusivity, collaboration, and growth, Mari has become a sought-after influencer in the field of human resources and organizational development.

Mari's impact extends beyond her roles as a CPO. She is a data-driven leader who has consistently demonstrated a commitment to thought leadership by sharing her insights at industry conferences, seminars, and through her prolific writings. Her articles have graced the pages of leading HR publications, where she delves into topics ranging from remote work optimization to fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


Through her mentorship programs and workshops, Mari has actively engaged with emerging HR professionals, fostering the next generation of leaders who are similarly dedicated to transforming organizational cultures. Her emphasis on empathy, emotional intelligence, and adaptability has inspired countless HR practitioners to champion the importance of people-first strategies.

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Mari is CEO & Founder of MK Global Consulting Partners - An organization focused on consulting and coaching business leaders in building their organizations to withstand internal challenges and changes through organizational design, leadership development, cultural alignment, and compliance. 


MK Global is a key partner to high growth organizations worldwide, and is becoming rapidly well-known for its steadfast success in connecting people strategies to critical revenue-driven business success.  



Among her other professional accomplishments, Mari is an avid real estate investor with a focus on empowering under-served communities across the U.S. with safe and healthy living environments, economic revitalization, and support for local housing markets.

Mari's approach to investing includes, thoughtful real estate acquisition and development that is mutually beneficial, aligning her investment goals with community development needs.

Personal Lifestyle

Mari Kemp is a San Francisco native, who always feels compelled to give back to the community and inspire others greatness.

In 2019, she accomplished a major personal life goal: running a full marathon in the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco, and raising over $50,000 for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

Mari is a strong advocate for education, and has served as a guest speaker at various schools throughout San Francisco and Oakland. She loves inspiring today’s youth to pursue their dreams, get a college education, and build a foundation for themselves to lead a fulfilling life.

Her passion and advocacy for education extends to adults as well; she regularly teaches adults to enhance their financial intelligence through prudent methods of budgeting, investing and saving earned income.

Mari loves traveling, hiking, yoga, meditation and often runs many marathons throughout the year. 

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