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Global HR Executive, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Community Change-Agent

My 20+ years of experience in corporate HR has taught me A LOT about how to get the most out of people for the job, but what it didn't teach me was how to get the most out of me. 


Like many professionals, my life was controlled by me working towards someone else's dream.


I became boxed in.  Loaded with potential, but too busy to discover what I could achieve.  Then I decided enough was enough.

Today, I am living proof that you can have a successful career, while also building your dream life and legacy.

While working full-time I began to take back control and focus on my own personal growth.  This made me a better leader, opened new opportunities in my career, and led to the launch of my business MK Global Consulting Partners.  Aside from consulting businesses across the world on corporate culture, I speak to professionals at all levels of their career to help them maximize their potential and navigate their lives with boldness and confidence.

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If you feel "boxed in" and ready to make a career move or a lifestyle change you are in the right place.  This website is dedicated to giving you the resources you need to achieve the best in your career and life.

New eBook


Cash Flow Conversations eBook Cover.png

Cash Flow Conversations provides a platform for engaging discussions about the benefits of real estate investing, how to start with it, and how to succeed in it.  My success in real estate investing has led to many inquiries to share my secrets and strategies for breaking into the industry.  


For this reason, Cash Flow Conversations was born. This book provides some basic insights into the conversations that I hold with my audience at a Cash Flow Conversations engagement.

It is my hope that this writing will provide the right spark that you need for propelling you into the decision that may change your life for good: Becoming your own boss as a real estate investor!

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